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Inna Vysotskaya
Project Director
Marina Ilina
PR-manager, targetologist and "creative" of the project
Olga Ivanova
Project manager
Elena Strelnikova
Designer - nickname Lika Lis
Anton Solovei
Maksim Tronin
IT specialist
Eugene Popov
Talanted and successful website developper
Elena Baranova
Project manager
Nadya Shpilevska
Brand designer and practicing adviser

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Denis Bobrakov Commercial Director Black Sea Shipping
We’ve been working with ACEX Drive for a long time – the professional team that works quickly and listen to the clients’ wishes.

Ladies made different projects for us, but the most frequent orders are corporate calendars. We don’t even doubt in December where to order promo materials.

Calendar 2019 with the company employees in Pin up style had a success!

We often hear that our calendars are the most interesting – always stylish and trendy!

Alexander Kovalev Account manager Forwex, Estonia
Calendars are great! Bright and live. Thanks to ACEX team who knows how to find new point of difference and underline it.
Edvinas Neverovskis CEO ACEX Lithuania

“Culinary show for the corporate event is the great idea! We developed our cooking skills, others had their first experience in the kitchen! Thanks, ladies! I was full and happy!”

Roberto Collucci World Cargo (Italy)

“The ladies made great arrangements for the ACEX conference. All the negotiations and meetings were interesting for me. Before the conference, Russian market was not understandable for us and we had a lot of doubts about the business development with Russia. Now, all the doubts were destroyed. We learnt a lot during several days, but we have a lot more to discover. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Safwan Tannir ARAMEX (UAE)

“The international conference organized by ACEX Drive, taking place in Moscow, was a perfect start for our friendship with Russia. We came strangers to each other and returned good friends”.

Alexandra Chagina CARGO-EXPRESS Deputy Development Director
“The corporate event outdoors is always a good idea! ACEX Drive helped us to feel a team, remember the children games and just have a good time. I give 10 points from 10 possible!”
Marina Badulina Head of business program in Deutsche Messe Russia
“I wish to express my gratitude to our partners – ACEX Drive team. We received their logistics brochure. I think that every person working in logistics needs to have this book. Everything is clear and easy, a lot of useful information in one place. It is comfortable to get the brochure in hands as it has good quality and perfect layout! Thank you, colleagues.”
Khakim Ibragimov Retail Transport Agency CEO

ACEX Drive team is always remarkable for their creativity. Today the ladies sent to me one of the first issues of their brochures “Logistics world” for the transport companies and cargo owners.

Good layout and design: the scheme of responsibility and risks management: the description of the basic cargo containers, the info about packing and the airfreight pallets; classification, transportation and packing rules for hazardous cargo; international abbreviations; experts contacts from Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Thank you, colleagues! And your chocolate is very good!”

Alexey Lipatov CARGO EXPRESS Executive Director
Online meetings organized for our company are very effective, they helped to fix a lot of questions on the work arrangement with the Russian companies. Everyone got the full understanding and decisive!”
Stephan Haltmayer Quick Cargo Service (Germany)
“After face-to-face meetings with the partners at the international conference, organized by ACEX Drive, I received some sort of confidence and ready to start working. I’m ready to trust people who I never knew before. Trust is the basis of our business. It is important to start partner relation starting from that. Thanks, ACEX Drive team, for this possibility!”
Alexandra Chagina CARGO-EXPRESS Deputy Development Director

“Webinar, organized for the logistics companies was held perfectly. It is rather difficult to unite representatives from 12 countries in one place. The problem is connected not only with the time difference but the level of using of different technical platforms. ACEX Drive had a success!”

Jimmy Diep President of CTX International

“ACEX Drive team attracts by their enthusiasm and energy. We are glad to have working experience with you!”

Anton Martyanov Manager, Digital Supply Chain Management Expert

I’ve been developing my personal brand for several years already. We made ads with ACEX Drive team in ACEX Press and the Logist manual made by ACEX Drive. The Agency created astonishing layout, slogans and call to action.

I want to tell that the investments into the advertisement payed off. It works as well as at TransRussia where I was a speaker. The awareness rate and the interest to my personality grew. It became easier to come to the booths and get acquainted with people. Many of them already knew me, the others saw my face in the journal and the discussion continued in the other format. 
Veronika Korobeinikova The owner of the beauty studio
Thanks for making the speech for the opening of my studio. There were a lot to be done before the opening and I didn’t want to keep silence at the ceremony. Never regret that I addressed to ACEX. They made the speech quickly and in simple words. 
Vasilina Shcherina Head of Marketing in BRV Consulting
I wish to thank ACEX Drive team for their work – the creation of presentation of our company. Everything was accomplished in time and very quickly that even surprised me. We liked the presentation very much as we received what we wanted. Three presentations, very stylish, easy to read and all our wishes and remarks were accepted and realized. We are glad to cooperate in the future.
Bakhtiyar Shakhriyarzade BRV Consulting

I want to thank ACEX Drive for the fantastic brand book and assistance in the production of the business cards, booklets and design. We even got the layout of the football uniform.


“I want to express gratitude to ACEX Drive marketing agency. They were the only ones who started our project. The task was rather difficult: make the corporate identity for the new product in the sphere of the home Spa and Wellness. The difficulty was connected with the need of a European contractor. Our company is number 3 in the field of production of SPA heaters and supplies. We tried to find the Europeans for a new product launch. The production in the Philippines, stock is in Europe. The team proposed the variants and we chose the Finnish company with a good portfolio and a Russian speaking project manager.

ACEX Drive are the real professionals, they quickly understood that we don’t need “better and cheaper” and found what we needed. Greatly recommend!”

Dmitry Nikulin TA Supercharter
ACEX Drive team created the presentation for our company for the business session at the international exhibition. I would point out the expertise of the contractor in the sphere of logistics, short terms, bright and suitable design. We had not much consultations during the process of work and the creative team proposed ideas to achieve better results. My performance was a success, thanks to ACEX Drive team.


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